Selasa, Jun 16, 2009

It’s going to be unforgettable

taken from The New Straits Times 16 June 2009

The composer promises lots of memorable tunes and sing-along sessions during the concert.

Fans of singer-composer M. Nasir can expect the unexpected at his solo concert in Stadium Negara next month. RADIN SRI GHAZALI has the details.

THE last time he performed at Stadium Negara was 15 years ago. Legendary singer-composer M. Nasir returns to the stadium with his second solo performance, Konsert Satu Wajah M. Nasir, on July 25.

“I have performed at Stadium Negara countless times but this would be my second time performing solo,” said the 52-year-old.

Nasir, who has penned for the likes of Alleycats, Search, Wings, Ella, Ziana Zain and Mawi, is trying to avoid having a theme for the concert.

“Themes can be so boring,” he said.
He promises lots of memorable tunes and sing-along sessions.

“I will sing at least 20 songs. There are people who want me to sing more than that but can they cope with me because I can do it all night long?,” he asked teasingly.

The song list is still open for requests and the singer even requested the media to suggests some songs.

“I will sing more ballads. I have been singing fast tempo songs previously and I miss singing the slower tracks,” he said.

As for musicians, Nasir, who is also a lyricist, has his pick for his 12-piece band.

“They include those who have worked with me and constantly play with me. However, some of the musicians I wish to include are busy with different projects at the moment.

“July is an active month for entertainment. Most of them are working on reality shows. Musicians are in demand at the moment,” he said.

Following his successful Konsert Alam Musik M. Nasir at Istana Budaya last February, the singer’s move to hold another in July could be a little too soon for fans.

There are also fears of redundant performances from the singer.

“I don’t like repeating routines. There will be rearrangements of music. Furthermore, the ambiance in Stadium Negara is different from that in Istana Budaya,” he said.

The principal of Akademi Fantasia 3 will also be using lots of visual aid to enhance his show.

“I can’t really explain how we are going to do it but it will provide that extra touch.”

The concert is organised by Maya Axis Creative, radio station Sinar FM and Beyond Events.

“Fans who missed his show at Istana Budaya should definitely catch this one,” said Maya Axis managing director, Samirah Hambali.

Samirah said the organisers were still looking for sponsorship.

“We welcome those who are keen to sponsor the show. We are handling things on our own but it would be nice to have extra funding,” she said.

There is even talk to take the concert to Sabah and Sarawak.

“If this (show) is successful, we might take it over there,” she said.

Tickets are priced RM383 (inclusive of refreshments and VIP car sticker), RM253 (inclusive of VIP car sticker), RM153, RM83 and RM53.

For details, visit or call 03-7725-1177/1166. A 10 per cent discount will be given to early birds.

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deaf_angel berkata...

wah cara artikel sokkabar tulis, macam konpem best la haha

Tanpa Nama berkata...

sing-along sessions...
still remember this tune in IB

oh oh oh oh Juwita....


rimanilzah berkata...

mesti pegi

Saudagar Mimpi ... berkata...

deaf_angel : Kalau kompom best, lu kena turun KL bro!

Tanpa Nama : Lagu tu memang menjadi bila dinyanyikan secara live!

rimanilzah : Pegi jgn tak pegi.