Isnin, Mac 20, 2006

The sifu returns

Taken from The Star 20 March 2006

M. Nasir’s much anticipated new record Sang Pencintais ready for a store date on March 28HE promised a new album last April; later he went on to work on some studio sessions with rock outfit Search. Then there were distractions like hosting a travel show, writing a book, associating himself with Akademi Fantasia and guiding Mawi’s career. So what about M. Nasir’s own music? Nobody really knows what goes on in the mind of this acclaimed singer-songwriter/producer but there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel for his new album.

The man’s label Warner Music Malaysia has set aside the artwork for new promo material and according to a source there, M. Nasir’s much anticipated new record Sang Pencinta is ready for a store date on March 28 (at the earliest).

The album, featuring 10 tracks penned and produced by M. Nasir, will see him ditching the world music pretensions of his last album Phoenix Bangkit in favour of a straight-ahead rock sound.

Those who made it to his Planet Hollywood shows last month would have been acquainted with the infectious first single Juwita ... (Citra Terindah), which was the only new track on an otherwise catalogue-driven setlist. With elements of folk-rock (a throwback to his Kembara days) and a lean-sounding rock outfit in support, M. Nasir is more than eager to embrace the challenge of getting his music to the broader masses.

Mostly recorded at his Luncai Mas studios, the album banks on trusted musicians – drummer Ujang, bassist Jay Jay, keyboardists Firdaus and Zul Mahat and guitarist Nan. Not to worry, they keep the acclaimed singer on his toes with a contemporary rock edge.

M. Nasir, who turns 49 in July, is also one of the few local artistes with a far-reaching influence among the pop scene veterans and the young rock crowd.

From the new Sang Pencinta tracks previewed at the Warner office last week, it can be safely said that M. Nasir is in fighting form. His lush, Broadway-inspired Dalam Lambaian Firdausi is a moment of pure pop to savour while Bahtera Raudah serves up a trippy rush of art rock and the lite-rocker Balada Seorang Teman won’t be too out of touch for indie fans to connect with.

Keep your eyes out for one of the year’s major Malay album releases.

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