Sabtu, Mei 20, 2006

Iconic pair

taken from Sunday People 20 May 2006
Arni Abdul Razak

Music maestros M. Nasir and Ramli Sarip will be honoured as “icons” for the first time. ARNI ABDUL RAZAK has the details.

IT IS not too far-fetched to say that the two big names in the local music industry - sifu M. Nasir and Papa Rock Ramli Sarip - are icons in Malaysia.

After all, both of them have consistently made their presence felt in the music scene for more than 20 years, riding the waves of stardom at an easy pace.

"To me, being regarded as an icon is a big acknowledgement. Not just anyone can achieve that status," says Nasir.

He should know. The 48-year-old Singapore-born artiste is not only a reputable songwriter, lyricist and singer but has also dabbled in acting and film director.

"You have to be influential to become an icon. There must be a certain image that should be portrayed to go with the title.

"An icon should leave an impact or a mark on the society. At least, that is my definition," he adds.

Producer, composer and lyricist Ramli, who has been in the music industry for 35 years, adding that an icon does not only concentrate on one thing.

The newly appointed principal of Akademi Fantasia (season four) says: "An icon in the music industry must delve into other areas such as composing songs, producing or become arrangers. You can't just concentrate on singing."

The duo will be honoured as "icons" at a charity dinner at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on May 26.

They will also perform at the dinner and part of the proceeds will go to the National Welfare Foundation. Jaclyn Victor is also slated to perform.

According to organiser Raja Mazian Raja Idris (of Asa Asia Group Sdn Bhd), more 'icons' will be honoured as an appreciation to those who have contributed in various areas to the country.

"The 'icons' could be from any field such as sports or entertainment. We have set up a panel to look for these icons," she says.

Three ministries - Information, Women, Family and Community Development and Culture, Arts and Heritage - will also help in the selection process.

For Ramli, the title 'icon' comes with a big responsibility.

"Honestly, I've never imagined that I would someday be an icon, especially to the younger generation. I continue producing songs and making albums because I'm passionate about what I do."

The music industry can be a tough place to be, he adds, but one shouldn't give up easily.

"There are albums that will sell well and others that won't. There are times when you will achieve popularity and times when people will not even recognise what you've done. But you must persevere. Don't be afraid of falling down."

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