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Awards: Is AIM missing the mark?

taken from NSTP emedia 22 Mac 2002
By Joe Lee

THE 2002 Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) nominations announced on Wednesday left a far from desired impression of the state of the local music industry.

With M. Nasir dominating with seven nods, followed by Siti Nurhaliza with five and a host of predictable nominees, the list made one thing clear.

There’s a desperate need for fresh sounds and new faces and for that, the pool of new talent badly needs to be widened. Musical and production standards, too, have to be raised.

This year’s narrow list of nominations left multiple nominees M. Nasir, Siti and nasyid outfit Rabbani competing against themselves in certain categories.

Rabbani may have had four nominations but they got two nods each for Best Group Vocal Performance In An Album and Best Nasyid Album.

That situation extends to even music video directors, producers, engineers and songwriters.

Director Henry Ooi was nominated twice in the Best Music Video category with Maya Karin’s Erti Cinta and Naked Breed’s Tribute.

The nominations drew a mixed reaction from artistes.

Nasir said the nominations reflected a huge gap in standard between established acts and newcomers.

“We do have a pool of new talent. But we can’t expect too much from the newcomers. It’s more realistic to expect one good act every five years but not yearly,” he said.

“Whatever impressions we form from the nominations, we must note that it’s a chicken and egg thing.

“The market wants quality products but the industry can only supply it with support from buyers. It’s a vicious cycle we’re looking at.”

Rabbani leader Asri, however, said they were thankful to be nominated though their four nods came twice in two categories.

“We feel doubly lucky to be nominated twice in the same category,” he said.

Raising much contention was Siti’s double nominations in the Best Pop Album Category and Best Vocal Performance In An Album - Female.

Her album Safa is up against her live effort, Konsert Mega Siti Nurhaliza in both those categories.

There have been live efforts which have won the Best Album accolade before and Konsert Mega Siti Nurhaliza deserves a nod. But some quarters are quibbling that her live album contain much of the material from Safa.

“There needs to be more variety and originality for this category. I’m sure there’re other worthy nominees,” went one disgruntled observer.

There was discontent too over Ella’s Ilham Bicara and Pretty Ugly’s Abstrak Versi Fantasis being nominated for Best Rock Album. Some deemed those efforts don’t qualify for the category.

They also lamented the oversight of rock act Amuk from the list.

As the definition of categories get blurred by crossovers, it now seems a matter of taste for those deciding which artiste belongs where.

But like it or not, the nominations will stand until the big night on April - So, the best we can do now is to sit back and just enjoy the show.

Here are the nominees for the Anugerah Industri Muzik 2002 for 17 of the 20 categories.

The remaining three awards - Anugerah Kembara, Anugerah Wirama (Outstanding Achievement Award) and Album Of The Year - will just be awarded on the night of the show.

1. Best New Artiste
- Frequency
- Joe Radzwil
- Maya Karin
- Pretty Ugly
- Sarimah

2. Most Promising Artiste
- Elyana
- Izzla
- Nitrus
- Pop Shuvit
- Uno

3. Best Vocal Performance In An Album - (Male)
- Fairuz (Bozz) - Bozz
- Ferhad - Soul Alive
- M. Nasir - Phoenix Bangkit
- Saleem - Ratu Sanubari
- Yasin - Mimpi Laila

4. Best Vocal Performance In An Album - (Female)
- Dayang Nurfaizah - Seandainya Masih Ada Cinta
- Siti Nurhaliza - Konsert Mega Siti Nurhaliza
- Siti Nurhaliza - Safa
- Syafinaz - Syyh...
- Ziana Zain - Aku Cintakan Mu

5. Best Group Vocal Performance In An Album
- Innuendo - Brandnuendo
- Rabbani - Aman
- Rabbani - Intifada
- Raihan - Demi Masa
- Too Phat - Plan B

6. Best Album Cover (Designer)
- Aie - Remifasolatido (Def-Gab-C)
- Joe Leong - Mimpi (Camelia)
- Mohamed Foad Hassan - Phoenix Bangkit (M. Nasir)
- Nizam Ahmad - Demi Masa (Raihan)
- Nizam Rahmat - Perjalanan Seni S.M. Salim & Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (Tan Sri Datuk S.M. Salim)

7. Best Engineered Album
- Eric Wong, Soon 5150, TC Meng - Enter Posthuman (Love Me Butch)
- Hanafi Hamdan, Azlee Yusman, Ridwan Hashim, Sunny, Marlin - Phoenix Bangkit (M. Nasir)
- Illegal, Eka Shereen, Tham - Plan B (Too Phat)
- Jig, Alif, Omie, Zairi - Malayneum (Butterfingers)
- Sunil, Eka Shereen, Tham, Illegal, Paul Moss - Soul Alive (Ferhad)

8. Best Music Video (Director)
- Henry Ooi - Erti Cinta (Maya Karin)
- Henry Ooi - Tribute (Naked Breed)
- Kenny Benedict (Renaissance Films) - Erti Kehidupan (Camelia)
- Sean Chan - Just A Friend (Too Phat)
- Zaili Sulan - Nanti (Innuendo)

9. Best Ethnic Pop Album (Artiste / Producer)
- Firus - Siti Nordiana & Syura / Rosli Selasih, S. Atan, Yusri, Belle, Jari, Amin
- Helmi Gimmick - Helmi Gimmick / S. Atan, Adin
- Perjalanan Seni S.M. Salim & Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra - Tan Sri Datuk S.M. Salim / Nasser Abu Kassim

10. Best Nasyid Album (Artiste / Producer)
- Aman - Rabbani / Yusri Yussuff, KRU, LY, Azmeer, Trabye, DB Production
- Demi Masa - Raihan / Farihin Abdul Fattah
- Intifada - Rabbani / KRU, Mohamed Zaid Yusoff, LY, Azmeer, Pak Ngah, DB Production
- Pelita Kehidupan II - Hijjaz / Munif Ahmad
- Salamun Alaik - Amal / Farihin Abdul Fattah

11. Best Rock Album (Artiste / Producer)
- Abstrak Versi Fantasi - Pretty Ugly / Neves
- Ilham Bicara - Ella / Django, Azmeer, Aji, Zul Mahat, Ajai, Ramli Sarip, Amin Abdullah, DB Production
- Ratu Sanubari - Saleem / Ruslan Mamat
- Remifasolatido - Def-Gab-C / Joe Wings
- Kamikaze - Sham, Kamikaze

12. Best Pop Album (Artiste / Producer)
- Aku Cintakan Mu - Ziana Zain / Ramli M.S., Johari Teh, Adnan Abu Hassan, Azlan Abu Hassan, Helen Yap, Fauzi Marzuki
- Konsert Mega Siti Nurhaliza - Siti Nurhaliza / Ramli M.S., Pak Ngah
- Phoenix Bangkit - M. Nasir / M. Nasir
- Safa - Siti Nurhaliza / Ajai, Pak Ngah, Adnan Abu Hassan, Zulkefli Majid, Wong, Ahmad Izham Omar, Helen Yap, Azmeer, Aubrey Suwito
- Seandainya Masih Ada Cinta - Dayang Nurfaizah / Boon Tan

13. Best New Local English Artiste
- Flop Poppy
- Love Me Butch
- Naked Breed

14. Best Local English Album (Artiste / Producer)
- A Decade Ago - Flop Poppy / Andy, Flop Poppy, TC Meng
- Brandnuendo - Innuendo / Pot Amir, Taj, Reymee, H. Caulfield
- Enter Posthuman - Love Me Butch / TC Meng
- Malayneum - Butterfingers / DB Production
- Plan B - Too Phat / Malique, Joe Flizzow, Illegal, G-Soul, Haze, Damian Shorty Soul

15. Best Indonesian Album (Artiste)
- Begitulah Cinta - Harvey Malaiholo / Andi Rianto
- Kisah Klasik Untuk Masa Depan - Sheila On 7 - Sheila On 7 / Jan Djuahana
- Makin Aku Cinta - Anang & Kris Dayanti / Anang & Kris Dayanti
- Sesuatu Yang Tertunda - Padi / Padi
- Untuk Semua Umur - Gigi / Gigi

16. Best Musical Arrangement In A Song (Arranger)
- Eddie Marzuki, M. Nasir, Hanafi - Phoenix Bangkit Dari Abu (M. Nasir)
- Eddie Marzuki, Pot Amir, Taj, Reymee, Ahmad Izham Omar - Only Dancin’ (Innuendo)
- Jenny Chin - Curiga (Ning Baizura & Fairuz Hussein)
- Opie, Firdaus, Ajai - Merisik Khabar (Saleem)
- Ramli M.S. - Tak Seindah Wajah - (Tan Sri Datuk S.M. Salim)

17. Song Of The Year (Composer / Lyricist)
- Ajai / Siti Nurhaliza - Percayalah (Siti Nurhaliza)
- Ajai / Syed ENV - Seandainya Masih Ada Cinta (Dayang Nurfaizah)
- M. Nasir / M. Nasir - Raikan Cinta (M. Nasir)
- M. Nasir / S. Amin Shahab - Masirah (M. Nasir)
- Yasin / Yasin - Mimpi Laila (Yasin)

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