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WORD HAS IT...: Where are the sponsors?

taken from The New Straits Times 28 October 2008
By : Hafidah Samat

Concert promoter/producer Ali Bakar tells HAFIDAH SAMAT his concerns about music sponsorship.

VETERAN mega-concert promoter/producer Ali Bakar is at his wits’ end over the fate of his latest project.

It is not something you’d expect from this music industry icon.

But this time Ali is in a sombre mood. His upcoming venture, Konsert Alam Muz ik M. Nasir, scheduled from Oct 24-26 at Panggung Sari in Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur, had to be postponed due to lack of funds.

“These days, I’m literally knocking on people’s doors seeking sponsorships,” said Ali, the former Malaysian Association of Live Entertainment Promoters vice-president.
Ali needs RM700,000 to stage the three-night show.

He also said that some parties are only interested to sponsor concerts featuring young and contemporary artistes.

“I respect this decision as I’m aware that sponsorship is largely projected at artistes who can bring in the revenue. All I’m saying is that an artiste of M. Nasir’s calibre is hard to come by these days,” said Ali, who collaborated and produced Nasir’s Canggung Mendonan and Andalusia concerts in the 1990s.

“Nasir doesn’t want an orchestral accompaniment for the concert. So it’s a straightforward affair with him singing between 25 and 35 of his hit songs during the 90-minute show,” said Ali.

Nasir has a repertoire of more than 40 hit songs from his previous albums.

Ali organised the Air Supply concert in 1981, followed by shows by Kool And The Gang and Chick Corea.

As an influential figure who helps promote the careers of some of the industry’s biggies including Awie, Search and Ogy Ahmad Daud, he has major concerns about the industry.

The music industry, he said, is in dire need of support from many quarters.

“Record labels are not releasing that many albums to support the industry. I view this as a serious matter because the industry is sustained by album productions, shows and concerts.

“Even our radio stations are playing the same songs over and over again,” said Ali, who was awarded the prestigious Anugerah Wirama at Anugerah Industri Muzik 2003 for his contribution to the industry.

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