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Got what it takes to be Saliha?

taken from Malay Mail 2 March 2007

THINK you have what it takes to act opposite Mawi? Then you might just be the person production company Luncai Emas Sdn Bhd is looking for to star as the title character in Mawi’s eagerly-anticipated feature film debut Aduh Saliha.

Despite several big-names being tossed about, the producers are still finding it difficult to fill in the spot of the female lead.

Director M.Nasir told The Malay Mail that the person has to fill a number of key criteria.

“I want someone who can bring out the best of the character,” he said.

“She has got to be strong and yet soft in her demeanour, witty and must have a great personality,” he added.

M.Nasir has thrown open the doors to hopefuls who think they have what it takes to be the character he’s looking for.

Even Akademi Fantasia 4 alumni Leez, who has been tipped as the favourite, is not guaranteed of the role.

“No one has had roles offered to them except for Mawi and Felix,” M.Nasir said.

Looking at a cast of mainly newcomers, Nasir said it was difficult to answer endless queries on who will be Saliha.

“It’s not possible to say who will be Saliha yet as there hasn’t been a decision, although there are strong contenders.”

And with the clock ticking (filming is to start by the end of next month), Nasir welcomes those with singing and acting potential to give the role a go.

“It will be more of a musical than a conventional movie.

“There will be original compositions, and fans can expect more than five new tunes by Mawi as well as his ‘lover’ in the movie.”

While fans have been crying out for the role of Saliha to be played by Mawi’s Akademi Fantasia fellow graduate Marsha Milan Londoh, Nasir shrugged off the idea.

“I can’t comment on the fans’ choice as that is what they want.”

With big hopes for the movie, Nasir has decided to put everything on hold once the film’s soundtrack is completed to focus on making the film.

“It has definitely been a while since I’ve been behind the camera as I’ve been focusing more on my music, but now I am ready to get back to making movies.

Everything will be on hold the moment we start rolling the cameras.

“My definition of success is when the movie achieves recognition, both in terms of reviews as well as box-office takings.

I hope Aduh Saliha will do just that with the strength of the story and everything else thrown in for good measure, including Mawi’s star appeal.”

So if you’re one of those hopefuls, contact Luncai Emas at 03-61561357 or head to the production house at 579, Jalan 1B/7, Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh, Selangor.

Who knows, you might be the Saliha they are looking for.

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