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WordHasIt: Will Nasir have his show?

taken from The New Straits Times Online 21 January 2009
By : Hafidah Samat

Ali (foreground) and M. Nasir are collaborating to stage Konsert Alam Muzik M.Nasir at Istana Budaya next month.

Concert organiser Ali Bakar is having another go at staging Konsert Alam M. Nasir despite the lack of funds.

NEXT month will be a busy one for Istana Budaya with the staging of the big-budget Puteri Gunung Ledang — The Musical (Season 3).

This is followed by Konsert Alam M. Nasir from Feb 27 to March 1.

The show is regarded as Nasir’s mega concert after his Andalusia show in 2000 at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur (produced by veteran concert organiser Ali Bakar).

Konsert Alam Muzik M. Nasir will take audiences down memory lane as he will be singing more than 30 of his compositions.
Even with the lack of funds, the show must go on.

According to sources, Ali, who has staged a series of successful concerts for the late Sudirman Arshad and Jamal Abdillah, said there’s no corporate sponsorship for the concert.

Apparently an established financial organisation is interested in funding it but the show’s producers could not accept its conditions.

Sources also revealed that Ali may get assistance from Istana Budaya. The concert was supposed to be staged in November but was put off due to lack of funds.

During an interview with Ali at a function last year, the promoter said he knocked on many doors seeking sponsorship but to no avail.

He hoped it would materialise and that it would be a big-scale and memorable project for Nasir’s fans.

It’s a pity that sponsors are shying away. Nasir is a force to be reckoned with and has a large following.

Most of us grew up listening to Nasir’s songs. From his days with pop rock outfit Kembara in the 1970s, his songs have touched the hearts of many listeners, both young and old.

Each time Nasir is on stage, he never fails to impress with his vocals and showmanship.

Here’s wishing Ali and Nasir the best of luck!

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