Khamis, Januari 22, 2009

M. Nasir wants fans to sing and dance

taken from The New Straits Times 22 January 2009

KUALA LUMPUR: A mystical musical journey into the realm of M. Nasir.
Exquisite world beats infused with modern rhythms, coupled with his strong stage persona, are pretty much what's in store for the audience as singer/producer/composer/actor M. Nasir takes centre stage at Konsert Alam Muzik M. Nasir at Istana Budaya next month.

Produced by Boxoffice (M) Sdn Bhd, the three-day concert will kick off on Feb 27.

The multiple award-winner says he envisions a "song-and-dance" showcase.

"Why not? I'd love my fans to sing and dance with me during the show," he said at his management office, Beyond DBB Sdn Bhd, yesterday.
Accompanied by a 14-member team of musicians and backup singers, the 51-year-old is expected to perform about 30 songs during the 21/2-hour musical extravaganza.

"This concert is my personal musical journey and it reflects my experience."

Known to be a man of few words, Nasir only smiled when asked for details of the show.

"Rehearsals started about a week ago. I've more than 70 songs from my solo albums, and over 1,000 songs in my collection. The audience can expect to hear two new compositions."

He is also working on a new album.

The last concert Nasir staged was Andalusia at Stadium Merdeka in 2000.

"I've plans to stage a bigger concert after my show at Istana Budaya," said the former principal of Akademi Fantasia 3.

The New Straits Times Press is the official media of Konsert Alam Muzik M. Nasir.

Tickets are priced at RM45, RM85, RM150 and RM200.

They are available at and Istana Budaya. For details, call 03-41498600.

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matakucing berkata...

uih bestnya boleh naik stage ngan sifu??

Saudagar Mimpi ... berkata...

Ni mesti penonton kat row depan kena dera naik atas stage ni.
Yang paling aku teruja ialah bila ada kemungkinan dapat dengar lagu baru?
Tiket pun aku dah beli.
Tengah menghitung hari je.....