Sabtu, April 15, 2006

Studio contest

taken from The Star 15 April 2006

Fans of Dari Studio Satu will now have the opportunity to catch its recording in person via a newly introduced SMS contest.

The new season will feature performances by local and Indonesian artistes and the line-up of guest performers include M. Nasir, Dewa 19, Mawi, Ziana Zain, Awie, Too Phat and Ning Baizura.

Participants also stand a chance to win exclusive merchandise autographed by their favourite stars. The SMS contest is open to all mobile phone users in Malaysia.

There will be a premium charge of RM1 in addition to the standard SMS fee charged by the participant's mobile phone operator.

To enter, just type DSS and send it to 32888. You will then receive a multiple choice question based on the selected artiste, which you are required to answer by typing in DSS and send it to 32888.

Winners will each receive four exclusive tickets to catch the recording of Dari Studio Satu, which will commence tomorrow.

The SMS code and name for each artiste is: M.Nasir (DS5 MNasir), Dewa 19 (DSS Dewa), Mawi (DSS Mawi), Ziana Zain (DSS Ziana), Awie (DSS Awie), Too Phat (DSS Tphat) and Ning Baizura (DSS Ning).

For more information on terms and conditions, visit

3 ulasan:

pawaka1 berkata...

boleh tanya sikit...
macam mana nak hantar lirik kat luncai emai(m nasir) utk dia consider the lyrics ...ada email or contact person tak...


Saudagar Mimpi ... berkata...

Harap maaf pawaka1, Saudagar Mimpi... tidak dapat membantu dalam hal ini. Walaubagaimanapun di ada tercatat alamat Luncai Emas dsbnya.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Pak! Kalo nak baca laporan & tengok gambar Malam Karyawan yang lalu pergi la ke

Mawi, sifu, anita semua ada...