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A test for ‘Ikon’

taken from New Straits Times 13 Feb 2007

The road ahead for Malaysian Ikon, a reality show in the making, may be bumpy but the organiser is hoping a solution will be found at the discussion table. AZMAN AHMAD writes.

RECORDING Industry Association Of Malaysia (RIM), the organiser of reality TV show Malaysian Ikon, is set to discuss with all parties concerned, especially the nominated artistes, on the best way to judge the contest.

Scheduled to begin in August, this programme, dubbed Asean’s biggest talent show, will also see top stars from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam vying for the US$25,000 (RM87,500) grand prize.

Malaysian Ikon is part of the Ikon regional music awards show to be broadcastin Asean countries.

The artistes’ lifestyle, career, talent and values, among others, will be under scrutiny.

There had been dispute on the proposed judging mechanism by SMS votes only. Professionals judges and SMS votes will now determine the winner at the insistence of artistes chosen to compete in the show.

In an ensuing disagreement just before RIM held its second Press conference, singer Zainal Abidin, who strongly protested the use of SMS votes, left Regent Hotel Kuala Lumpur conference hall.

Malaysia, the main organiser, is the first country to announce the 10 final nominees each for the solo and group categories.

In the solo category, there is a mix of veteran and upcoming recording artistes, namely Adam AF2, Farah AF2, Awie, Dayang Nurfaizah, Ella, Ezlynn, Hattan, Mawi, Reshmonu and Zainal Abidin.

Nominees for the group category are leading groups such as Amuk, DefGabC, Flop Poppy, Jinbara, May, OAG, Raihan, Ruffedge, Search and VE.

However, when contacted, Zainal said it is ridiculous to have greenhorns competing for the Ikon title.

“Firstly, you must understand the definition of an icon. The artiste is almost a legend who has been in the industry for ages. He or she is a trend-setter and is well-loved by legions of fans,” he said.

He added that other big names not on the list, such as Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, M. Nasir and Ramli Sarip, were just being diplomatic about their inability to commit their time.

“But I chose to come and check out it out. At least I have given a piece of my mind about SMS votes which are ruining genuine talents.”

He pointed that a 13-year-old with a handphone could vote for his or her favourite artiste.

“I am very disappointed with RIM. Greenhorns don’t deserve such a high accolade.”

Zainal also said it is a sad thing that there is still no new breed of singers who could replace legendary names such as the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee or Sudirman Arshad.

RIM chairman Sandy Monteiro said he will have a meeting with the artistes concerned to discuss the judging system.

“Of course, there will be a professional jury involved now but we must also have SMS votes to get feedback from the public on the artistes’ popularity,” he said.

“Our main aim is to promote Malaysian artistes throughout the region and spread local music to the world. It is also a chance for us to get to know top artistes in Asean countries,” said Monteiro.

So far, none of the nominated artists have confirmed their intention to pull out of the contest officially, he added.

There were 26 names each in the solo and group categories sent in by recording companies but only the best and those with a commitment to perform in the weekly show were selected by the RIM special committee.

Dayang Nurfaizah said she is honoured to be among the final nominees and that her stint in One In A Million reality TV show gives her an added advantage over the rest.

“I do not agree to a 100 per cent SMS votes show. We want to choose an icon to represent Malaysia not only based on his or her popularity but also talent so that we can stand with our heads high up among top stars in the region,” she said.

As for Ezlynn, the relatively new artiste is excited to join seasoned stars and prove her talent abroad.

“It will be a great experience and I just can’t wait for the programme to begin. I don’t mind fans voting but there must be a panel of judges to determine talent rather than based on mere popularity,” she said.

Ikon Media Group managing director Richard Voon said Astro Ria will air the show while radio listeners can tune in to ERA to get the latest on Malaysian Ikon.

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