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Aduh Saliha, where are you?

taken from Malay Mail 21 February 2007

DESPITE having three names in the running for the lead female role in M.Nasir’s upcoming film Aduh Saliha, the production team is apparently having difficulty deciding on a suitable candidate.

The team had been toying with three names: Marsha, Liyana Jasmay and Leez from the fourth season of Akademi Fantasia.

However, sources told The Malay Mail that Leez didn’t make the cut despite being the favourite.

It is learnt that the production team is looking for a fresh talent with distinct Malay features to be paired with pop sensation Mawi.

The insider added that the production team had pointed out singer Elyana for the role but the latter had balked at the offer.

Its director, M.Nasir, however, said the candidate for the role would be revealed in five days.

“We can’t say anything at the moment.

Wait another five days,he said yesterday.

The songwriter, who also penned a song with the same title, added that the candidate, however, was anyone’s guess.

“Everybody can make a prediction but I’m not naming anyone,said Nasir, refusing to comment on Leez.

However, despite being the favourite for the role, Leez, or her real name Rosliza Rosli, denied the speculation.

“I have yet to receive an official answer from the production team.

It’s okay if I am not selected.

Maybe it’s not my rezeki,said the 20-year-old Kuala Lumpur lass.

However, she admitted to having attended a three-week acting class with Mawi and Felix, who have signed on for the movie, which will begin shooting in two weeks.

Marlia Musa conducted the class in December.

“I stopped after that due to other commitments,she said.

“I wanted to continue with the class but the production team told me that they would call me later.

Aduh Saliha is M.Nasir’s second film as a producer and director after Merah by his company, Luncai Emas Sdn Bhd.

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