Selasa, Jun 27, 2006

M. Nasir endorses the Perodua MyVi

taken from Malay Mail 27 June 2006
-by Sharif Haron -

Multi-talented recording artist, producer and songwriter M. Nasir lives the role as the brand ambassador for Perodua MyVi by taking it on the road everywhere.
The publicity-shy, reclusive superstar has taken on the role because he likes the fact that MyVi is a good looking, yet practical and economical car.

“I feel lucky to be chosen as the brand ambassador for MyVi because I really like the car.”

Nasir views the MyVi as a down-to-earth car with a retro-classic design. “Every design is unique,” he said.

“A design often inspires different emotions for different people. It really depends how someone feels at a particular time.
My first impression of the MyVi design was different from how I feel about it now. Looking at it now, I think the MyVi design is sexy. MyVi has an unpretentious, folk quality — and it’s affordable. It also fits my personality perfectly.”

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